Rothbard Day

If your organization decides to become co-partner in this event, it should make a financial contribution (the amount of your choice). This donation will support the award. You will also receive one vote in the jury – just like any other partner.


Come with us to celebrate the contribution of Murray Rothbard to the libertarian movement!

Starting in Romania in 2011, the celebration of Rothbard Day becomes an international event in 2012!

Murray Rothbard Center at the Romanian American University and SOLIB are moving forward the plan for the celebration of Rothbard Day. We did this for the first time in 2011, and you saw the results: a wonderful exposition of pastiches,  a great conference and two inspiring books!

Rothbard Day 2012

In 2012 we intend to make an international event, involving all the interested libertarian organizations around the globe. Therefore, we decided to organize a contest to celebrate Murray Rothbard's place in the libertarian movement.

This Artwork Contest serves as an excellent method for getting people interested in the work of Murray Rothbard.

The Contest Winner

Murray Rothbard Center is pleased to announce the winner of this year International Artwork Contest: 

Valentin Nadolu - "State Wars" 



Congratulation to all the entrants.

Other artworks:


Jonas Hjertquist

Rodrigo Garcia